Monday, January 5, 2009

our wedding: the ring bowl turned ornament

Confession: I had a ring bowl made. But we didn't use it. It's just that I love Paloma's Nest too much to pass it up. We didn't have a ring bearer or flower girl, instead Brock's brother and best man carried the rings in his pocket. It seemed a little awkward to make a 29 year old guy carry a teeny ceramic ring bowl down the aisle, you know?

And from the beginning, I knew we'd mostly be using it as an ornament on our tree. My parents have an "our first christmas" ornament on their tree and I've always kind of liked the sentiment.

I had the Shakespheare quote that we used on our programs and in our ceremony stamped into our bowl. I like that it doesn't say our names or our wedding date or any traditional wedding-y thing. Instead it's just a pretty, handmade reminder of our wedding and our vows and the awesome time we had that night.

love love love Paloma's Nest. And I promise this is the last Christmasy post.


Anonymous said...

love it. we are totally getting one for the ceremony, and I never thought of using it as an ornament but the idea is genius!

Color Me Green said...

I love this idea of (re)using the ring bowl as an ornament - what a great way to start a collection of meaningful ornaments, and i'm sure this idea could apply to other wedding trinkets too.

Rachel said...

What a great idea! I love those bowls. And I agree - making a grown man carry it around would have been awkward.

Mrs. Buck said...

I am totally obsessed with Paloma's nest too - and did the same thing - I had a ring bowl made. and I must confess, that i did make the best man carry it down the aisle. I think he was holding it in his pocket...but I still wanted to always know that it was there as part of our ceremony. Now i have it on my bedside table to hold my ring while I sleep (otherwise I end up gouging the Mr. which we sleep - oops!)

g/d said...

I got one of those too! For my wedding!! It said "You May Now Hi- Five The Bride" and it was so cute. I saw it for about 2.5 seconds, and then it was whisked away, and my brother thoughtfully put it on the DJ table for safekeeping, where somewhere in the night the DJ knocked it on the floor and it broke into a thousand pieces. And I never saw it again.