Monday, January 12, 2009

does domino do flowers?

just checking because seriously, these are so great. yes, we love Zooey. But i think i might like the weedy flowers better? Is that bad?

I love them because they are rustic but just sophisticated enough. and they look like they would be easy-ish to replicate on your own... i mean, as opposed to balls of roses or 4 foot tall centerpieces, if you know what i'm saying.

Hoot & Heart did a few similar arrangements (similar to the first one, that is) for us and they were just beautiful. I still have a ton of dried pieces I salvaged before we left for Australia. I'm kind of a nostalgia junkie that way.

ANYWAY, point is: you could make something similar to these yourself if you were doing your own flowers.

And also, if you haven't seen The Go Getter starring Z.D., you should. It's a beautiful little road movie (shameless plug coming up) produced by a friend of ours. And M. Ward does the soundtrack. Which is perfection.


Brittany said...

I'm all about the weedy flower arrangements. LOVE it.

also, I love your blog. I have gotten so many great tips from you, so thanks! I might actually copy all of your bridesmaid gifts because they are so fantastic!!

east side bride said...

Weedy flowers are my favorites too! Our centerpieces were thistles and queen anne's lace and other lovely, crazy local things my bridesmaid and her mom gathered on the west coast of BC where we got married :)

cassandra said...

love love love these! i forget that domino does such a good job with their floral segments (and ps - i really disliked zooey's room, as much as i love her. flowers = much better!)