Friday, January 16, 2009

heath LA opening... muy tarde

Sooo, I keep forgetting to post this! But I'm going to anyway, even though it's old news because the store is great and ceramics are greater and the opening was really fun.

I went with my friend Deja, who is an interior designer for Marmol-Radziner here in LA. (She slipped me the invite because Heath is one of their partners). Isn't she cute?


They have a whole inspiration board wall showing their process and colors and such. I heart things like this:

Commune (insanely awesome design company whose houses are some of the coolest interiors I've ever seen) did the store, and released a limited edition set of linens for the opening. They were beeeeauuutiful. and I was all set on buying the charcol table cloth, until I read the price tag. yikes.

Plus, they have their whole line showcased which is quite obviously the most beautiful thing in the entire universe in it's timeless simplicity.

I was literally walking around going, "Have it. Have it. Want it. Need it. Have it...." I felt like I was at the opening of an artist I reallllllly like. And collect. And John C. Reilly was there. Which was cool because I LOVE him. It was also kind of funny. You go to a Shepard Fairey opening, you get Adrian Grenier. You go to the Heath opening, you get John C. Reily. Makes sense.

And possibly the neatest thing was, look:

Skinny Laminx at Heath! I love Heather's work. And I love how Heath supports independent artisans in their shop. Those cutting boards are beautiful as are the salad tongs from Jonathan's Spoons. Both of which I MAY or MAY NOT have. Yes, I registered for the entire Heath catalog.

Anyway, the new store is beautiful. And now we don't have to go ALL the way to Sausalito for factory seconds.

(excuse iPhone photo graininess, please)


jora said...

I really, really need to get up there. It looks AMAZING. :)

east side bride said...

oooooo. we registered for heath dishes at ok. still have to go pick em up!

Heather Moore said...

You left such a sweet comment on my blog, I had to pop over to say thanks, and then I saw this gorgeous post. Of course I coudn't be at the Heath LA opening, and this is the closest I could get to it really, so thanks so much for these pics - it looks really special.

Have a great weekend,
Heather (Skinny laMinx)

Joslyn said...

i. am. officially. jealous!

it looks so amazing

g/d said...

i'm jealous of your getting to go to the opening, jealous of your collection, jealous of john c. reilly...perfect night, maybe?