Thursday, November 19, 2009

can't stop the nesting

Most of the things I've been doing as of late aren't exactly interesting, unless you're me. Like making lists and crossing things off ever so slowly. Last night I made it through one half of one item... Frame prints and photos that have been neglected for months and in some cases, years.

Successfully framed two cute prints for the kitchen:

We still have a few more to go, including two neat prints from Australia. Sadly I think those will have to be custom framed because they're weird dimensions. Why is framing so expensive??

Also in the baby list department, we found our Doula! So excited. She's awesome.

And baked those amazing chocolate chip cookies last night. Note: they're still delicious even if you don't properly age the dough overnight.

I made this yummy soup on Monday and we managed to have it for dinner for 3 nights in a row. So convenient. I substituted beet greens for the kale because I had 2 huge bags left over from farmer's market purchases. And I added parsnips for more fall flavoring.

(sorry, no link. Martha's food team has apparently been slacking in the "upload recipes from magazine to website" department).

I've also decided to give in to early Christmas mania. Peppermint mocha lattes, Christmas carols in every store, decorations have been up in Santa Monica for weeks... why fight it, you know? I'm going to break out my Julie London cds, drink egg nog in my coffee and start preparing for the crafting of gifts. Even though it's only the middle of November.


livi said...

can I just come live in your house? It looks so wonderful and delicious in there :)

100layercake said...

Scott and I were just discuss baking those yummy cookies. Nothing puts you more in the Christmas crafting spirit than baking.

xx jillian

Jeanette Mc. said...

We bought a nice "Deluxe Pull Stuyle Mat Cutter" at Michael's (handheld like $20.
It's easy to use and has paid for itself 10x over - just buy some mat board. Nothing has to be sent out because now everything we frame is "custom". Just an idea for you to save some $$$.

Celia said...

"why is framing so expensive?" is a question, i feel, i ask myself way too often.

eggnog in coffee? i'm embarrassed to admit that i've never tried that... or even thought to. but, it does sound extremely enticing...

Johanna said...

From what I can see, those prints are beautiful! I'm already engulfed in Christmas mania, but since I'm making all of my gifts this year, I figured I ought to get a move on!

danielle said...

I love that in your 'unproductive mode' you accomplish more than I do in a week. you are my roll model.

Anonymous said...

Would you mind sharing where those frames were purchased from? They're lovely!

Jill said...

nesting is a beautiful thing! i love to see your projects.

i 'borrowed' the quilt from my mom's house, and i'm quite certain i love the bright orange on our bed so much that it won't be making its way back anytime soon.

good luck with baby! :)

Anonymous said...

i made the dough for the NYT Chocolate Chips the other night. The first tray is in the oven now and I can't wait for my timer to go off!
Have you checked out They do custom szes and are typically much less then our framing stores.

kristina said...

Hi Anonymous - yes yes.

The black frame is just a stock option from aaron brothers and I had them cut me a custom mat for like $25.

The birch frame is that IKEA darling, Ribba. And then I bought a pre-cut mat at aaron brothers that had the right size opening. Then once I got home I cut the outer dimensions down to fit the frame.

The rest of you, thanks for all of your nice comments! I'm sure you'll be seeing more nesting projects around here.

Joslyn said...

oooh that chez panisse print looks fab!

nesting is fun,no?

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much!

Caught the Light said...

Your cookies are getting trial-runned this evening at my house. Thankyou!

jessica | destined to design said... mouth is just watering looking at those cookies. i like the idea of a touch of sea salt. think i'll try them out.