Thursday, January 15, 2009

DIY new years cards from the trusty gocco

The last Thank You card is going in the mail this morning, (yesssssssss), and as promised, I'm rewarding myself with the posting of our New Years cards.

New Years cards are great. They say," we were thinking of you and want to spread good tidings and warm fuzzy thoughts to you and your family;" but see here's the thing... you don't have to send them out BEFORE Christmas! It's genius! You can send them in January and no one thinks they are late. If you can keep a secret, New Years cards are just "holiday" cards that are overdue... see where I'm headed here?


Does anyone else ever get nostalgic for your gocco screens once you're done printing a project? they are so neat, but so fleeting... their life cycle I mean. I love these colors, especially the bright orangey pink. I think it's one of my current favorites. So I am commemorating it's short life here on my weblog.

(Don't ask why I used a plastic fork to mix the paint. It was all I could find at that moment, okay?)

Also, aside from playing in paint and mixing pretty colors that don't come in tubes, even from japan, we have the actual cards:

And our custom greeting that I bet no one else sent this year. huh? huh?

So that's them. I kind of secretly wanted to line the envelopes will all sorts of pinky red patterned papers, but that was sounding completely insane as I plodded my way through the Thank You list. See, even former brides have limits. Not many, I admit, but they are there... watching over us, keeping our crazed post-wedding brains in check. The plan is, next year I start lining the envelopes early, say October, before my brain realizes it's a bad idea. So crafty I am.


Brittany said...

so crafty indeed! You make me want to go home and create wonderful soups, pictures, and projects all day long!

Anonymous said...

they look great!

Kate said...

Those are rad! ;)

I love them and I feel you on the envelopes. Great, but one must have limits!

Color Me Green said...

wow i'm so impressed and i love the originality of the text! how does one go about getting a gocco machine?

east side bride said...

happy new year cards. brilliant and non-denominational(ish)!

sarah b. said...

i do new year's cards too! so, so much easier to wait until after the holiday rush. plus, i think it would be nice to get a card once all the others have stopped coming! yours are so cute.

Rachel said...

These are so beautiful! As always, I'm blown away by your Gocco skills.

cevd said...

well done. i love the entire project. good luck with getting a head start on lining envelopes ").

Anonymous said...

beautiful as always! you've really mastered your gocco!

logan said...

They look great! I love the one red flower.

I had a few questions about the gocco if you can help me, I'm going to attempt to gocco my invitations...

1. Do you save your screens for reuse? if so, how do you clean them?
2. Can you burn a screen twice? say with two different images?


Habit said...

these are so ridiculously beautiful - simple & elegant.
i'm hoping to gocco our wedding invites so it's really nice to see how great gocco can turn out!!
thanks for sharing :)
ps. i never get my christmas cards out in time... new years cards are a genius idea!!