Tuesday, September 23, 2008

happy little paul smith pouches for our groomsmen

Outside the most excellent Paul Smith store on Melrose. So pink. So perfect.

If you haven't been, they have (along with his amazing line of clothes and especially ties) a beautiful collection of art and design books, new and old. Plus lots of interesting vintage items like globes and suitcases and pottery. Their prices are, shall we say, a little elevated... but the feeling of the store is nice all the same.

We also FINALLY chose brock's shirt and tie to go with his suit. He's going to look sharp, my friends. Good old Paul, never fails.

OH ps. for those of you keeping track, we ditched the dinner jacket thing. After finding the most beautiful amazing perfect Tom Ford number at Neiman's, (which we couldn't afford by any reasonable stretch of the imagination), all others seemed old and stodgy and yellowed with cigar smoke. Sad, but we're both excited about the suit we ended up buying. yay.

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east side bride said...

I am keeping track, actually ;)