Wednesday, September 17, 2008

misa jewelry for beachy brides or just every day

I've been meaning to post about Misa Hamamoto's amazing jewelry line since I started this blog, and look at me finally remembering. Misa is a friend who, don't hate her she's the nicest person in the world, quit her 9-5 to do what she really loves... make beautiful and inspired jewelry. I have a few pieces and I can tell you that I SERIOUSLY love mine.

But when she first came over and showed me her collection I was thinking, every single piece would be BEAUTIFUL for a beachy wedding.

You can find her jewelry in (west) Los Angeles only right now, but you should most certainly email her with inquiries. She is, again, the nicest person I've pretty much ever met.

If you're in LA, stop by:

Firefly in Venice
Market in Brentwood Village
Wicati in Westwood
Uzu in Manhattan Beach

If you're lusting from afar, go to her website for the whole collection and contact information:

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