Tuesday, September 9, 2008

shepard fairey solo show for lucky san franciscans

People up north have it all. For starters, they live in the bay area which is reason enough to be jealous, er envious. AND they get to go to the opening of Shepard Fairey's new show over the weekend. Hrrrrumpf.

I love his work, love love love. and he's an extremely talented, thoughtful, inspiring, creative guy. I heard him speak at a design conference last year and was like, "Whoa." This guy is legit.

If you live up there, or happen to be up there, I highly recommend stopping in to see his work at the White Walls Gallery on Larkin Street.

Anyway. I will NOT be in SF, sadly. BUT, I will be frolicking through the vineyards of Santa Barbara with my girlfriends for my Bachelorette party! Which, okay, is totally worth missing the show. (i think). And after we drink wine, during the day, for like 4 hours, I intend to somehow get to the Four Seasons in Montecito to have another of their insanely delicious dirty martinis with truffle cheese-stuffed olives. I shall report back on the hilarity that ensues.

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