Friday, September 5, 2008

slowfood nation!

We went. It was DEE-LI-CIOUS. and beautiful and fun. I don't think I can properly express how much I LOVE san francisco, really the whole bay area. I adore it. I want to move there, (i've been saying this for 7 years, so no immediate threat), and every time we go up for a visit I mark each hour of our trip by expressing in various ways to Brock how desperately we need to live north... for a year or two.

This year our visit was instigated by the wedding of one of my roommates from college, Leslie. Her wedding was in Santa Cruz, at Nestledown, and it was totally and completely beautiful! Plus there was a mini train and a bocce ball court. Activities are so essential. Anyway, it just so happened that her wedding was also the weekend of Slowfood Nation! Which was just about the best news ever, since due to our packed summer of 5 weddings + wedding planning, I had resigned myself to not being able to go to the most important food festival of the year.


So, I tried to take lots of photos, I did. But my camera skills deteriorated quickly once the double pours of pinot noir starting flowing. I made it to the pickles and chutney (which for the record was the most delicious, but also the FIRST taste as you walked into Fort Mason) before I had to call the whole photography thing quits. A girl needs 2 hands for taking photos, and also 1 hand for drinking and 1 hand for eating. That's 4 hands. Which I do not have.

Each taste area was a different category of delicious and was designed by a different architect. Pickles & Chutney was easily my favorite, though they were all really interesting. But dear to my heart are canning jars, pickle crocks, and rustic kitchen accessories... and they constructed this amazing ceiling net thing out of canning lids. You can kind of see it in my photo.

Next year we are going for the whole weekend.

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cevd said...

oh i so wanted to attend, but it just didn't work out. it looks like you had some wonderous food. thanks for the pictures you managed to get ... i think i would have come home with fewer. i am positively there next year.