Friday, September 19, 2008

honeymoon slippers?

They look more like flats to me, but these alleged "slippers" are feeling like a must have.

Their website does an excellent job of preventing users from actually learning where one might purchase the Sue London line. Apparently they are sold in Bel Air, Bev Hills, Marina Del Rey, and Santa Monica. NICE! except um, there are many stores in the above-mentioned neighborhoods. Not giving up yet. Need these for our 14 hour plane ride, among other things.


Kate said...

I've found them online a couple of places and you can buy them on their website. I bought my daughter a pair the other day on a whim, we'll see how the look when they come. She's one awesome 4 year old. :)
Where are y'all going on your honeymoon?

east side bride said...

You know what these look like to me? Slip em in your purse on nights when you rock the Louboutins. More crucial in nyc (when you have to walk home from the subway), but still. Brilliant.

Rebecca said...

Wow, love this. I'm off to hunt some down myself... :)