Thursday, September 4, 2008

zoe bradley flowers for very crafty brides

Saw these while trolling d*s yesterday. Incredible. Seriously, if I was more able with paper and scissors and also didn't work and could have spent the last 6 months making huge paper flowers, these would be covering our reception area. or ceremony. EVERY INCH OF SPACE.

Look at the plum, taunting me.

You should definitely check out her site. Everything is very cool. Esp the paper dresses. I am coveting her job.


mimi said...

i just came across your blog and i am finding it very inspiring, thank you. just got engaged and i live in l.a. so lots of what you are writing about is ringing true to me. keep going, it's helping me out! it's a big wedding/style world out there.

jamie said...

hm............... I have today, sunday, monday, tuesday and wednesday before leaving for the desert and no work..... maybe i could STILL DO this.....